Monday, August 29, 2011


This week I am focusing on Sage.
I will harvest some this week and
 hang dry for winter use.

It is a busy week for me.
I am packing up our August decorations and cleaning the house top to bottom.
It is time for me to get ready for September.

Our Fig Garden is growing nicely.
I am new to growing figs.
I first saw them growing in my area when we went to Powell Gardens a couple of years ago.
They have different varieties growing in their Harvest Garden.

Yesterday while hunting for bugs I stopped and checked on the figs.

I am growing Peter's Honey. I can expect figs next September.

I like to see how others are protecting their vegetables.
Our Brussel Sprouts have done well this year.
We will harvest another full stem this afternoon.
We did protect them from ground hogs and deer.

I have never grown Okra.

It is a very pretty plant.

I have tried to grow chives from seed for the last two years.
I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
I made a note to get a few plants from the nursery next spring.

The mint gardens at Powell were amazing.
I have different types of mints growing in my  flower beds.
I harvest for winter teas but I never seem to dry enough!
This year I will harvest all that will fit on my drying frame.

This variety is new to me.
I will look for it.

The vegetable gardens at Powell are gorgeous.

They have a silo you can climb up in and see the gardens.
I love the quilt block idea.
Inspiring design.

Bananas are not hardy here.

I wonder how they grow them?

Perhaps they dig the trees up in the Autumn and over winter in the green house.
I do not have a green house but I do over winter in my Living room and Dining room.

Every Autumn I create a forest.
It is the Haunted Forest in October
 filled with drying herbs and bittersweet.
It becomes the Magical Forest in December
as the white tulips begin to bloom.

This year I am bringing in herbs
 to overwinter on the windowsills.

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