Monday, February 28, 2011

Owen's Day

Once again your plant blooms on your birthday.
Once again.
Thirteen years have come and gone so swiftly.
Thirteen years.

It is blooming day in the bedroom.
Okinawa, my bonsai, is in bloom.
As is the lavender.
Bloom day for Owen.

I sat on my perch at the kitchen table and look across the street.
Owen's tree, a Swamp Oak, is easy to see.
Some day it will be the biggest tree in the cemetery.
Some day.

After laundry and errands I took
my books to the deck.
Cooper's Hawk flew in and scattered all the birds
but the female Downy Woodpecker.

She froze.
She stayed still for at least five minutes.

Cooper's Hawk flew off.
She was cautious.

I am reading cookbooks today.
Alice Waters is my favorite chef and cookbook writer.
If I see she is involved I am interested.

David Tanis is one of the chefs at Chez Panisse,
 in Berkley, California.
Chez Panisse is Alice Waters child.
The photography by Christopher Hirsheimer
is as inspirational as the simple, fresh recipes.
I find inspiration in simple ingredients.
I find inspiration in my kitchen.

There are many ways to honor.
Today I honor our little Owen with a simple
"Thank you."

The years have zipped right by.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Olives and Chickpeas

Olives are the perfect afternoon snack.

A small bowl of them keeps me satisfied until supper.
They are an ancient fruit.
We filled the slow cooker this morning with vegetables and lentils.
We made a large pot of soup.

The wind shifted to the North west over night
 and the mild temperatures we enjoyed over the weekend
gave way to below freezing with a cold windchill.
 Having a pot of soup cooking all day has filled the house with the delicious smell of nurishment.
Soup is comfort food for me.

The rosemary has grown this winter.
I shall use a sprig to garnish our soup tonight.

I am so pleased to have fresh rosemary to use.
I am thinking about replacing the kitchen windows.
I am looking at "grow windows."

Having more places to over winter plants would be nice.
Having an indoor winter herb garden would be divine!

We are making hummus this week.
We will add olives.

Dried chickpeas are a pantry staple.

I love how easy they are to cook with.

I love their versatility

and their taste.

I am working on our kitchen garden.
Our gardens are a work in progress.
They are once again changing
just like the gardeners.

We will grow some familiar vegetables

and some new to us fruits and herbs.

We both will work in the garden this year.
We both will put up our stores.

We have made a commitment
to our winter pantry
and our kitchen garden.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I love falling in love.
I like to fall in love every day or at least once a week.

Once in love always in love!
This week I am in love with garlic!
I have a desire to know everything I can know about this miracle bulb.

I am cooking with garlic every chance I get.
It is heart healthy. A perfect gift for my loved ones.
My healthy heart and theirs!

This book has inspired me
to take photographs of hearts.
I hope to have a nice collection to share with you next year.

I feel a new love coming on.

I think I shall grow onions, garlic and chives
this year.
Fresh from the garden would be divine.

Happy Valentine's Day.