Monday, August 15, 2011


I am soaking parsley seed overnight
so they are ready to sow tomorrow.

Parsley is my focus herb this week.

We use lots of parsley in our cooking
 and I ran out again this past year.
I need to grow lots more.

I will do up a pot to grow indoors this winter.
I like having fresh herbs in the kitchen all winter long.

I sowed some basil seeds out in the vegetable garden.
We have plenty of time before frost for it to mature.
I will make pesto.

We also planted our vegetable Autumn garden.

Some of my perennial seed I did not get in this spring so I planted as soon as the weather cooled down.
With Mother Nature watering the seed in again today I think we will have a great Autumn garden.

I am reading about growing in the heat and humidity.
Herbs do great!
We had another family of Raccoons on the deck overnight.
My husband relocated two juveniles to the river.

Hopefully Mom will join them soon.

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