Monday, August 8, 2011

Lemon Balm

I am focusing on Lemon Balm this week.

My friend gave me a pass a long from her garden last year.

It is thriving.
I shall dry some for winter tea.

I am bringing out the garden markers.
I am back working in the gardens.

I am drying the lemon peels from when I made
 lemonade over the weekend.
I will use them this winter too.
The mint I dried was ready for storage.

I had over 8 cups of leaves for my large cannister.
I will dry more mint. I use lots every winter.
I saved a tea container from last winter when I ran out of my mint.
I filled it.

I am doing my moon watch.
Every day I look for the moon rise.

I am writing about my relationship with the moon.
I had thought I would do this for 28 days, New Moon to New Moon,
but I think I will carry on until October 31.

The Sunflowers continue to amaze and delight.

The bees love them.
When I am outside taking photographs
I am filled with the joys of Summertime.
A storm came in over night. We had a lovely cool down and a gentle rain. Later this afternoon the sun came out.
Being outside was pleasant.

The Queen Anne's Lace is setting seed.

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