Monday, June 27, 2011


My tail-less Robin has a little one to feed.
Raisins made excellent baby food.

I have weeding and deadheading to do.
The gardens are lush.
We had another rain storm over night.

We had to go to the market.
My favorite tea was on sale.

I have lots of work to do but all I want to do is read at the kitchen table. I have waited for many years for the conclusion of the
Earth's Children series.  It just so happens I am studying cave art.

The novel is huge. Over 750 pages. Too big to hold up in bed.
I read with the book on the table and a cup of tea.

We saw two deer eating in the garden.
I wish they ate weeds.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lavender, Fossils and Salads

The butterflies continue to come into the gardens.
Each time I see them I am thrilled.

I am harvesting in the vegetable garden.
The peas are almost over.
I might plant again in September for an October crop.

This is the first year we have grown turnips.
I am very pleased with how well they have done.

I made composed salads for supper.

We need to go to the market.
The cupboards are empty and I am out of birdseed.

We are designing a fossil and gemstone backsplash for the kitchen.
Part of our trip was meeting other fossil hunters and rock hounds.
As I process photographs I am posting on my Holiday blog.
Hopefully I will be able to do a post a day.
We bought a rock polisher while in Portland, Oregon.
I am ready to get started. Just need a few rocks to start tumbling.
I think I have plenty in the back yard.
The vegetable garden has gotten away.
The red cabbage is huge.
Slowly we will reclaim the gardens.

The potatoes are in bloom.

The Dragonflies love all the moisture.
Thundershowers are forecasted again for tonight.

Wild garlic has sprouted in the flower beds.

The Fever Few is ready for harvest.

Although I love the butterflies, birds, dragonflies and bees
 my heart belongs to my lavender.

I was concerned that I had missed this year's harvest.
I thought I was gone on my adventure too long.
Much to my joy my lavender waited for me.

I harvested as much as I could before it became too hot.
I shall finish the rest in the morning.
A perfect way to celebrate Summer Solstice.