Monday, August 1, 2011


I greeted the dawn this morning.

I fed the birds and freshened their water.

This week I am focusing on the Mint family.

We listened to a lovely cd this morning.

It is Lammas.
It is during August and September
 that Summer turns into Autumn.

I have my books out.

I am learning.

We are celebrating first harvest.

I began dressing our Lammas table this morning.
I made a table cloth and four napkins.

I cut mint for the centerpiece.
I filled the August oil lamp.

It is very hot again this week.

From the red cabbage harvest I made
cabbage flowers
and cole slaw.

It is the Jewel Wing Crescent Moon.

 A very busy day.
We began our potato harvest.
We will have vegetable stir fry for our Lammas supper.

1 comment:

  1. Lammas is here already! It's still so hot I think autumn is very far away. And that's fine with me. Summer speeds by so quickly anyway.
    I love that crescent moon and your cole slaw looks delicious!