Monday, September 5, 2011

Fig Preserves

I took my cofee to the deck this morning.
It was 52 degrees at 8am.

I have choosen Garden Rue as my herb for the week.
It is the host plant for the Giant Swallowtail.
I have an Orange Dog munching on Garden Rue in the kitchen.
We made fig preserves this afternoon.
We brought up the canner.
We made 18 half pints.
We plan on making another 18 this week.
That will give us enough for the winter and to share.

The butterflies are enjoying fig caps and buttons.
They like fruit scrapes.

It was cool most of the day.
Eastern Tailed Blues basked in the sun.
I rarely see their upper wings.
We have our good clown tea towels up.
They are my favorite tea towels.
I only use them in September.

We are harvesting brussel sprouts for our evening stir fry.
It has been a delightful Labor Day.

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