Monday, November 28, 2011

Oregano and the Cottonwood Tree

This week I am focusing on Oregano.
We also know this herb as Marjoram.

I still have fresh Oregano in the garden.
Oregano has healing properties.
As a tea it is used to relieve coughs,
 bronchitis and digestive problems.
I never seem to be able to dry enough for winter use.

This week I am learning about salads.

I always make composed salads.
Often I will add apples or oranges to our greens.

I am learning about all sorts of greens.
I like leaves. I like them raw and cooked.

We have chosen Tuesday as our baking day.
Last week we baked a glutton free pumpkin pie.
It was delicious. This week we are planning to bake
glutton free cinnamon rolls. Now that the weather is chilly
having the oven on feels cozy.
We want to become glutton free bread bakers this winter.
I am looking forward to when we start baking glutton free cookies.
I like cookies.

I have begun reading about the Cottonwood Tree.
It is a native tree here on the Tall Grass Prairie.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thyme and Walnuts

My creeping Thyme is still green.
I shall dry some to add to my winter tea blends.

I don't care for the flavor of Thyme tea
but I do like its anti-aging properties!

I am studying the Walnut Tree this week and
enjoying walnuts and blue berries in my yogurt.

I have decided to give myself a cooking class.
I began this morning.
I am interested in making some new nibbles for our snacks.
I am interested in learning some new techniques.

I am spending this week on Hors D'oeuvres.
Making appetizers is fun and can be so easy.

I like her attitude!
 I want to serve toasted walnuts and marinated olives as an afternoon snack. I am calling this week "Nibbles."
I think giving myself a cooking class once a week will be fun.

I have a pie bird collection.
I think they are darling.

I framed my husband's Grandmother's recipe
for three layer salad.

It hangs on my office door in November.
Granny was known for her pies and her three layer salad.

I am collecting proverbs.

We are talking about going North for Thanksgiving.
We are hunting for Swans
and Turkeys
and Pheasants.
May your Thanksgiving be
full of joy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Chamomile and Pecans

I took my dried Chamomile outside.
I knew removing the flowers would be messy.
It was warm and not too windy.
I needed to refill my canister.
Each evening I have a cup of chamomile tea before bed.
I hope I have enough for the winter.

I harvested dried mum blossoms.
I will use them in January for tea.

The mums in the window boxes are still blooming.
I will harvest them after a hard freeze.

 This week I am studying the Pecan Tree and
the delicious pecan.

I am reading about nuts and adding them into our diet.

The American Indians knew about the Chestnut Tree
and the Pecan Tree.
I am collecting proverbs.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I am smitten with the good Chestnut.
They are delicious.

I want to try baking with Chestnut flour.

This week I will try the crepes.
I want to bake glutton free pies this winter.

This week I am learning about the mustard plant.

I want to grow mustard next year.

I am reading and learning.
For light reading this week I have a couple of cook books.

Tomorrow I make soup!