Monday, April 4, 2011


We are cooking French lentils today in the slow cooker.
We discovered them at the market last week.

I am enjoying getting to know the French through
their food culture.
 It is the perfect way to get to know a culture.
 Understanding food traditions, both the everyday foods and the special occasion foods brings a connection for me to their table.

I made up another bottle of Rosemary
infused olive oil.
It is a staple in my kitchen.

Yesterday the temperature soared to 91 degrees
breaking the record for high temperature
on April 3rd.

I made a pitcher of lemonade
and a pitcher of iced tea.
I mixed them 50-50 and made Arnold Palmers.

A delicious dessert drink is
lemon sherbet with lemonade poured over.
It is my lemon float.

I added maraschino cherry juice and a cherry
for a Sunset Spectacular beverage.

The warm windy afternoon
was perfect to dry my lemon peels.
I use them in my lemon-ginger
This is my favorite salt.
Soft and amazing! The way it is harvested is also amazing.

I savor each bite of  food from my kitchen.
I savor each aspect of our meals from meal planning and marketing
to storage and preparing. I am looking forward to our meals from the gardens. I savor the planning and planting and tending.
I savor the harvesting.

I love the flavor of Tupelo Honey.
It is perfect on oatmeal.
It is my honey for April.
I love fresh pears, sliced for snacking.
They seem so French.

Last night thunderstorms came through and then the wind shifted
from the southwest to the northwest. Around 11pm I stood on my front porch and felt the wind. The rains had moved on. The wind was cool and refreshing.

I was greeted this morning to a cool 41 degree temperature.  I stepped out on the front porch again and was kissed by a Fresh Breeze from the north.  The Beaufort Wind strength scale states a 19-24 mph wind is a fresh breeze, a number 5 on the scale. I gathered my terry robe closer to me and closed my eyes. I could hear the wind playing his song on the wind harp. I could smell Spring.  I fell in love with the wind.

Once I was back inside I decided to start a wind journal. I decided to gather wind lore. I decided every day I can savor the wind.

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