Monday, April 11, 2011

Herbs and sprouts

I cut a few sprigs of fresh mint for our iced tea.
Tender spring leaves are delicious to munch on while I deadhead daffodils. I must dry more this year for next winter. I ran out last year. Mint tea is one of my favorite winter drinks.

The sugar snap peas have sprouted.
Tender pea pods with fresh mint are amazing together.

The salad bowls have sprouted.
I have swiss chard planted in the center with red oak leaf lettuce
around the edges of the bowls. They will be my center pieces for my Easter table.
I took all of the over wintered rosemary plants out to the deck.
Soon I will plant them into the herb garden.

The bronze fennel has sprouted. It is a gorgeous plant where ever it grows. This year I will try to keep it cut back. Not only do the Black Swallowtails use it for a host plant but I love the smell and enjoy having a few leaves on my desk. I seldom dig the bulbs. Maybe this year I will have enough fennel for the Swallowtails and my stir fry.

The lemon balm my friend gave me last October has returned.
I have it growing in one of the front flower beds. A very pretty plant and one I will harvest often to keep it under control.
So refreshing in iced tea and in salad.

The French Lilacs are just opening.
During Lilac time I enjoy a fresh spray on the kitchen table.
The scent goes perfectly with my Spring suppers.

I am making up my meal plan for the next two weeks.

I like the way this cookbook is laid out.
I am entertaining my husband 
and myself this month.

I am gathering ideas for refreshing drinks,


and salads.

I am gather recipes for fresh garden vegetables.

We watched "Julie & Julia" over the weekend.
Wonderful movie.
Now I want to write a cookbook; a vegetarian, glutton free, fresh from the Spring garden, with lots of herbs and sprouts.
I want to write a cook book that shows how fun a kitchen garden can be.

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