Monday, April 25, 2011

One more cup of coffee

I have finished reading the coffee books I checked out
of the library. I am inspired!

I have been listening to coffee music.
When our local chocolatier came out with a coffee I was thrilled.
There is much to know about coffee
and why to buy Fair Trade
and organic.
I have made plans to tour our local roasterie.
I think it will very informative.

It would be great fun to go to a cupping.

At my house coffee is "no waste".
We use the grinds in our compost and

I use a permanent filter.

My husband made a squirrel guard for one of the
 bird feeding stations from an old coffee can.

Even the foil lined coffee bags are re-useable.
I use them instead of zip lock plastic bags
for when we take sandwiches on picnics.

I dilute left over coffee and give my house plants a drink.
At my house coffee is full use.

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