Monday, April 18, 2011


I do love a great cup of coffee.

Every morning I sit at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee
 and my journals. I look out the window and watch the seasons change. When the bleeding hearts are in bloom it is time to make iced coffees.
I add a little co-conut milk to my morning coffee.
A cinnamon stick makes a nice stir stick.
I am reading about coffee from the bloom to the cup.
I am learning about coffee.
It all begins with the beans. The coffee tree species that is considered to have the finest beans is Geisha when it is grown at an high-altitude.

I have yet to locate these beans but I have made a commitment to buying Artisan coffee. I have made a commitment to buying organic coffee.
I am learning about the taste of place. Coffee, like wine,
has the taste of place.

I put a pound of ground coffee into the Toddy Coffee maker last night and let it steep in the refrigerator over night. This morning I
drained the concentrate and made my first iced coffee of the season.
The recipe I use has changed over the years.

Today I used 2 cups co-conut milk, four tablespoons co-conut crystals, one cup coffee concentrate and one teaspoon vanilla.
This is my base. It is very strong and tasty.

 The coffee grinds went out to the pear tree.

I am adding mint to my cold coffee and co-co for a mint chocolate dessert drink.
I think I will make some mint syrup and use fresh mint for garnish.

I shall be making all sorts of coffee creations.

I just read about how important the roast is.

I am learning.

I am looking for the single estate, individual coffee species,
light roasted coffee bean. Maybe I could buy the beans green
 and learn to do my own roasting.
Having a cup of coffee with a friend is a joy and a treat.
We are to have rain and a cool down.
There is a local roasterie not too far from my house. I wonder if they have tours?

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  1. your coffee recipe sounds so good! I like coconut milk in my coffee too, I like the lite kind that comes in a can the best. So one pound of coffee makes one litre of concentrate? Does that go very far?
    I met a man who roasts his coffee in a popcorn popper. I forget how many minutes and such...
    thank you for your generous heart.