Monday, October 3, 2011

On schedule

I had breakfast outside with the birds.
The Robins are enjoying the berries in the Dogwoods.
I was told if they eat the berries early it will be a mild winter.
It seems early.

Many Monarchs are migrating.
My cosmos are an excellent food source.

This week I am studying Oregano.
I grow some as a ground cover in the back patio bed.

I shall add some to my stir fry this evening.
In October I am choosing a card each morning from this set.

Today I chose Lady's Mantle.
A reminder to treasure the small ways.

I have done up the kitchen for October.
A friend asked for photographs.
I have five counter tops. Each has an October scape with a theme.
This one is about cats. I added white on white as a color theme for 2011. White cat teapot works.
The Autumn vegetable garden is producing squash

and kale.
I have picked a couple for supper.
The butterflies continue to come to the butterfly bushes.
Time to dead head again.

I have a new schedule for Autumn.
I meditate twice a day,
in the morning with the birds
in the afternoon with the butterflies.


  1. Hey Sherry, thanks for visiting me, I am a bit of a dunce with the computer and I wanted to know how we could exchange addresses safely, I would love to send you one of my cards.(flattery works every time LOL). Perhaps you could leave your email address as a comment and I won't publish it?
    Carole who is a bit past dancing but still tapping my toes!

  2. What a beautiful post, Sherry, and I'm so envious of your squash from the garden. :) I still have a few Monarchs floating by which always brings a smile to my face. Your October decorations are adorable.