Monday, September 12, 2011

Butterscotch and Monarchs

The Full Harvest moon set early this morning.

I watched as one of our Monarchs
 emerged from her chrysalis.
Metamorphosis is a miracle.
Witnessing the birth of a butterfly is an honor.

Our kitchen is full of caterpillars.

We have another Monarch caterpillar making her "J".
I hope to watch as she makes her chrysalis.

The butterfly bushes are full of Monarchs.
They are preparing for migration.

I found another Black Swallowtail caterpillar
in the fennel. I brought him in.
We have two Blacks in their chrysalis.
Another working on making one and another at large.....
Hopefully I will find her.
We have one Giant Swallowtail in her chrysalis.
These will all over winter inside.

Soapwort, Saponaria officinalis, is my herb for the week.
The Skippers seem to enjoy it.
I cut it back after it blooms in the spring for an Autumn bloom.

We made another 17 half pints of fig preserves.
We have 34 put up in the pantry.
Plenty for winter use and some to share.
We have become smitten with the good Butterscotch candy.
The sticks are wonderful in hot tea.

The buttons are nice for a little treat.

We want to see if we can make them.
I have a recipe.
I called a Sweet Shop Supply shop.
We are looking for candy molds.
I have some sewing to do this week.
I hope I get it done.
I get distracted easily.
Butterscotch and Monarchs
seem to be filling my mind.

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