Monday, October 17, 2011

Tulips and Soup

I planted 14 tulips for my indoor garden.

They should be in bloom around December 1st.
I will pot up 14 every Monday until all 84 bulbs are in soil.
This should give me white tulips for
 December and January decorating.
I picked tomatoes and patty pan squash.
The vegetable garden has lots of squash on the vine.
We are to have scattered frost this week.
 I will cover the plants.

Now is the time to do the last of the herb harvests.
Time to make my herb vinegars and dry herbs
for winter teas.

I put a pot of bean soup on this morning.
It is our first soup of the season.
My herb this week is Sweet Annie.
It is drying in the entry way.
I love the way it smells.

We bought 20 heads of garlic to plant.
Our garlic patch will be large.
I am excited about growing garlic. It is my herb for 2012.
I want to learn how to make garlic braids.

I should have enough garlic to share.

When I was at the festival on Saturday
 I bought bees wax for cosmetics
and a handmade bees wax candle.
I shall wait for a special occassion to light it.

I like having a special candle
for a special remembrance.
It is my new blessing candle.

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