Monday, March 7, 2011

My favorite cookbook

Alice Waters' cookbooks are my favorite.
I read them and hunger for fresh, simple food.

I like quality tools.
I am planning to purchase a mandolin. I am doing my research.
I have been using my Mother's old one and it is no longer sharp.
It was in her kitchen in the 1940's.
Good tools last a very long time.

We went on an outing to purchase our seed potatoes.
I picked up a flat of pansies and violas.
I did up pots of flowers for the kitchen and livingroom.

Once the weather warms I will plant them outside.
For now I have lovely Spring flowers in the house.
They brighten my mood.

We made a special stop at the flag shop.
We bought a few parade flags and stands for our dinner party and
a large flag to fly outside.
 I am smitten with Wales. I am smitten with their flag.
We are celebrating Wales this March.
I always celebrate dragons!

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