Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Kitchen Garden

We picked up a few plants from the nursery.

We planted 12 red cabbages
and 12 brussel sprouts. We added deer and rabbit protection.
I think we might need to get netting too.

Our Spring Kitchen garden is planted. The peas have their bamboo trellis to grow on.  The lettuces and spinach and chives are in.

The chives are perennial
and will take a year to become established.

Our turnips sprouted this morning.
We planted the seed on March 17th.
I have flowers in bloom.
The hyacinth are from forced Winter bulbs from two years ago.
I planted the ones from this past winter. Next year they should bloom. The smell is heavenly.

While walking I saw this tree in bloom. It looks to be a Magnolia of some sort. Gorgeous.....

I am adding to my herb garden this year.
This silver edge Lavender is so pretty.
I planted two clumps to see how it does.
All around the yard I have daffodils.
Over the last 30 plus years I have divided the clumps.

I shall divide once again after they have ripened off.
They are part of my cutting garden.
I like to have cut flowers on the kitchen table.

I have decided to grow a French herb garden in pots for April
and in May plant all the herbs out in the gardens.
The French Thyme smells wonderful.
It will grow behind the kitchen sink until danger of frost is over.
I planted two pots of French Sorrel.
They will go on the hearth.
The nursery said  French Tarragon will be in next week.
I have a pot ready for it.

Our Kale is a perennial.
It is coming up just fine.

We are trying a few different vegetables
this year too.

The Kitchen Garden is my focus this season.
I am looking forward to dinner from the garden.

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