Monday, December 12, 2011


My Mother would have been 88 years old today.
I miss her.
I miss the way she called me, "Q."
I have a Christmas tree on my sewing machine dedicated to her.
It is filled with her old sewing notions.

A rose made from a palm leaf decorates one branch.
It was from her funeral.
My mother was an artist with needles and thread.
She made little darlings all the time.

I am grateful many of her pieces are in my home.

This week I am cooking with French Sorrel.
I have some growing in the kitchen.

My tree this week is the Fir.

For my cooking class I am making sauces
and cookies.
Tomorrow we will try to make gluten free gingerbread!

We really enjoy sweet potato fries.

I have fresh rosemary growing in the dining room.
Mint is growing in the living room.

Fresh mint is amazing in December.
I like it in my cocoa.


  1. my heart leans towards yours as you remember and honor your mother.

    all the things you are doing look so yummy
    i have been enjoying a drop of doTerra lemon and a drop of peppermint oil in my water lately, so good!
    Lovely day to you.

  2. What a beautiful way to honor and remember your Mother! The 'sewing tree' immediately captured my attention---it is just darling. And such wonderful treasures you have, made by your Mother's hands with bits of her spirit captured in in each of them...

  3. Oh, I meant to ask if you have lots of windows in your house? I've never had much luck growing herbs inside---I may try them again in the few South windows---I have porches with roofs on both sides of my house so I lack natural sunlight :/