Monday, December 5, 2011

Pine Trees and Ginger

I lit a candle today for my friend.
I send my love and light.

On my desk is a little Christmas Tree
 that is decorated with memories.
 My daughter made paper garlands for my miniature tree.
 She made kite and penguin garlands since
I love them both.
 She made tiny traditional paper doll garlands too.
I used an old felted Snowman hat
 that was from my childhood for a topper.
My Mother and I made two little milk top ornaments
 when I was 4 years old.
I remember making them with her.

I treasure this little tree.

We have begun our Winter Cribbage tourney.

Tomorrow we begin our Christmas cookie baking.
We will be baking glutton free delights!

This week I am studying ginger and the Pine tree.
This photograph has inspired me.
I want to see if I can sprout a pine tree!
I have lots of fresh Pine boughs in my house.
I love the smell.

I also have fresh Holly in vases.
For Winter Solstice I will buy Roses to go with
my Pine and Holly.
I am enjoying my study
of the German culture.

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