Monday, January 24, 2011


My friend sent me a gift.
She sent a charm with the indalo man encircling a cage that holds a golden ball. It is a special gift of love and light from a dear and special friend. It is the gift of connection. I tinkle the charm to call the Angles. I hold the charm and my friend is only a thought away.

I am working on wellness. Eating lightly as my body recouperates from a fever and coughing. My husband has made me soup and toast each day. I think I am ready to make a stir fry!

I am smiling as often as I can.
Even laughing. I want to write on one of my hats. I want to show my hat cherry blossoms too. I love this drawing of Basho and his hat.

I am drinking lots of tea.
Many cups of my herb blends from herbs I dried last summer.
I can taste summer and hear the bees.

My friend sent hugs on a day I needed them.

I instantly felt better.

Tonight and for many night to come I will snuggle up with the book she sent and once again commit myself to my garden.

My husband brought home clementines.
He knows how much I enjoy them.

I have not had much of an appetite.
To become well I must eat.

I am working on wellness.
I was out of balance.
I am finding harmony.

I do hope you and yours are well.

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