Monday, January 10, 2011

A cup of tea

After cleaning the kitchen this morning
I looked forward to going outside
and being in the snow
with the birds.

It was refreshing sitting outside while it snowed.
We went for a walk.

Back home I was ready for a cup of tea.
We have a little tea ritual.
We have a few tea things.

Wabi Sabi in the kitchen.
Wabi Sabi and tea go together so very well.
Wabi Sabi is my way of life.

I enjoy preparing our meals.
Often my husband and I will cook together.
It is a joy to chop vegetables side by side.
My husband gave me two cutting boards in 1972.
I treasure them.
We went to the Chinese market for our eight treasures tea.
We stopped at the bakery for our bread.
We shopped at the Italian market for olives.
This is my favorite way to shop.
I am having a cup of tea
and watching the snow fall.

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