Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cook Books

I have been reading cook books.

Trying out some new combinations.
My husband and I cook together.

We have done some baking.

It is fun to dance together in the kitchen.

Being glutton free is not as hard
as it once was.

I am trying new spices.
Cooking is so much fun!


  1. What a fun new blog Sherry! I have jotted down the titles of some of the cookbooks you've shared. Kate has been doing alot of vegan recipes lately & spoiling her Dad, brother and I with delicious suppers at her house. She is known for her "cupKate's" so Flying Apron's vegan baking looks like something she would love ♥

  2. It is almost impossible to get ripe figs up here! You buy a basket and 3 are ripe out of the bunch, darn and drat.