Monday, April 2, 2012

Sweet Bay

I have fallen in love with the Sweet Bay Tree.
With temperatures up into the 90's today it feels like southern California. I think the Sweet Bay can grow outside until winter. When I bring her in she will be the kitchen tree.
I choose a card this morning.

I laughed. I did need grounding.
I did need a tree.

and planted with hope.

I shall watch and keep records of the Medlar.

The Kitchen garden is doing wonderfully.
Last year's kale is blooming.
We will save the seed for next year's planting.

The chamomile will bloom any minute.
By next week I will be drying for winter teas.

We are planting as fast as we can, watering as we go.
We are praying for rain.
We are praying for the return of April.

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