Monday, November 21, 2011

Thyme and Walnuts

My creeping Thyme is still green.
I shall dry some to add to my winter tea blends.

I don't care for the flavor of Thyme tea
but I do like its anti-aging properties!

I am studying the Walnut Tree this week and
enjoying walnuts and blue berries in my yogurt.

I have decided to give myself a cooking class.
I began this morning.
I am interested in making some new nibbles for our snacks.
I am interested in learning some new techniques.

I am spending this week on Hors D'oeuvres.
Making appetizers is fun and can be so easy.

I like her attitude!
 I want to serve toasted walnuts and marinated olives as an afternoon snack. I am calling this week "Nibbles."
I think giving myself a cooking class once a week will be fun.

I have a pie bird collection.
I think they are darling.

I framed my husband's Grandmother's recipe
for three layer salad.

It hangs on my office door in November.
Granny was known for her pies and her three layer salad.

I am collecting proverbs.

We are talking about going North for Thanksgiving.
We are hunting for Swans
and Turkeys
and Pheasants.
May your Thanksgiving be
full of joy.

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  1. A cooking class once a week sounds like a lot of fun. :) I need to get off of the computer and find some dinner for us. :) Happiest of Thanksgiving, Sherry! Have a fun and blessed holiday. Hugs to one who dances with butterflies.