Monday, February 21, 2011

Olives and Chickpeas

Olives are the perfect afternoon snack.

A small bowl of them keeps me satisfied until supper.
They are an ancient fruit.
We filled the slow cooker this morning with vegetables and lentils.
We made a large pot of soup.

The wind shifted to the North west over night
 and the mild temperatures we enjoyed over the weekend
gave way to below freezing with a cold windchill.
 Having a pot of soup cooking all day has filled the house with the delicious smell of nurishment.
Soup is comfort food for me.

The rosemary has grown this winter.
I shall use a sprig to garnish our soup tonight.

I am so pleased to have fresh rosemary to use.
I am thinking about replacing the kitchen windows.
I am looking at "grow windows."

Having more places to over winter plants would be nice.
Having an indoor winter herb garden would be divine!

We are making hummus this week.
We will add olives.

Dried chickpeas are a pantry staple.

I love how easy they are to cook with.

I love their versatility

and their taste.

I am working on our kitchen garden.
Our gardens are a work in progress.
They are once again changing
just like the gardeners.

We will grow some familiar vegetables

and some new to us fruits and herbs.

We both will work in the garden this year.
We both will put up our stores.

We have made a commitment
to our winter pantry
and our kitchen garden.

1 comment:

  1. What a delicious post :-)
    We love Hummus & add chop olives on the top. Have you tried adding sun dried tomatoes to the chickpeas - it is so good!
    The 365 Vegetarian Soups cook book sounds perfect - a new soup a day :-)