Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We began our glutten free baking last night.

We started off with Raison Oatmeal cookies.
 My husband's favorite.
I used my old recipe and substituted
 Bob's Red Mill glutton free flour for the wheat flour.
We also added 1/4th teaspoon xanthan gum powder to our batter.
These cookies taste just as good as Raison Oatmeal cookies made with wheat flour.

I have a few recipes I want to try.

We want to try to bake
glutton free bread.

This cookbook has inspired me to write my cookbook.
I have a recipe book I have used in the past but never did I write the stories that go with each recipe.
Now that we are baking glutton free
we have another story to add to familiar recipes.
It just takes a minute to write the changes down.
I am filling in the history while the cookies cool.

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