Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot Summer Days

These are Dragonfly Days.

Hot and humid days.

I am keeping an eye on the caterpillar.
Watching him grow in the heat.

The bees are happy in the heat.

We found fresh figs at the market today.
They are truly the food of the gods.

Our backyard figs are ripening but it will be September
before we pick.

California figs are just now ripening.
I hope we make fig jelly again this August.

Our beets are delicious.
We have dug a couple for stir fries.

I shall be harvesting herbs this week.
My hour of gardening is first thing in the morning.

Lemon Balm will be great this winter in my teas.

Our red cabbage did very well.
This is our first year growing cabbages.

I want to dry some of the Wild Bergamot.
The bees and skippers love it.
The Silver Spot is in the blooms all day long.

I had a few olives with my figs this afternoon.

I sat at the dining room table and watched the butterflies.
We are to have a few more sizzlers
before thunderstorms come in.

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