Monday, July 18, 2011


A Tiger Swallowtail in the Tiger Lilies.
I stopped and watched.

My husband dug beets for our supper.
I will stir fry them along with other vegetables.

I choose Fennel as our herb for this week.

I grow the bronze variety.

I brought out my herbals.

This week we will have Fennel in our salads and Fennel seeds for snacking.

I shall dig Fennel bulbs to cook with garden potatoes.

My yoga practice has influenced my kitchen time.

I am wanting my food fresh and delicious.
I am honoring herbs.
Each week I shall focus on a different herb.
I started a  new journal, "Herb of the week."

I easily grow 52 different herbs.

I am very fond of the Umbel Family.
I grow many different ones.

I am thinking of adding a few more
to the Umbel garden.


  1. 52 herbs! your garden must be gorgeous! Amazing.
    It all sounds so yummy!

    In your comment to me... you mentioned your heat being 97F, ours is 90F, yes cooler but hot all the same. But it does cool down in the middle of the night. Wishing you a cool breeze.

  2. so happy to find your blog ! I relate to you

  3. I love♥ your blog,
    come to my blog: Be happy (:
    Thanks and greetings :D